Elin Vesterskov

Licensed Chiropractor, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Inspirer & Personal trainer.


Personal Trainer



Multi sided

Elin Vesterskov is the founder , owner and CEO of Lomma Kiropraktorklinik AB and Vesterskovs Workout AB and a partner in Webbok Ab . Elin is a licensed chiropractor and working with chiropractic, fitness and health advice, personal training, lectures, organizing training trips, business, board, etc.

Elin Vester Skov engaged both nationally and internationally , including as a finisher for the men’s and women’s tennis Tour, personal trainers, and lectures internationally, etc. She has also worked as a chiropractor for famous artists on their world tours despatch fashion.



Elin Vesterskov is trained in chiropractic at Maquarity University in Sydney Australia 2003-2005 and 2005-2010 at the University of Southern Denmark in Danmak. Elin Vester Skov is a member of the union LKR.

Elin has always been passionate about sport and tidenhon was studying, I started my first company and worked as a masseur and personal trainer. Today Elin sports chiropractor and engaged, inter alia, by ( ” WTA ” ) in tennis, DN Galan and the XL Galan athletics, Stefan Janzos who is the world champion in powerlifting, the world renowned synth pop group Depeche Mode and others.

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Personal trainer

For many years now clients have lost weigth, got properly fit and found a perfect balance, a way of living that will outlive a thousand fads.

I am a body transformation experts. I believe in taking you directly to your goals, as sensibly as possible. My method supports you from start to finish and teaches you how to cherish you-forever.

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Elin Vesterskov also sets up and doing various interviews and reports and model jobs to the business and sports magazines.

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Elin lectures at both large and small businesses , sports clubs and at various events.

Suggested spring most popular topics

– How to prevent back pain?
– Diet for athletes and exercisers.
– Eat smart to feeling good and coping perform at home and at work.
– Stress and Sleep

Elin lectures including on how to eat right to get energy in one day to be able to perform, at different levels without gaining weight and avoid the hidden sugar traps.

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