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Elin Vesterskov jobbar endast med att resa med sina kunder jorden över som ”en höger hand”, Pt-Kiropraktor/massör och kostrådgivare. Detta gäller både för affärsmän-kvinnor, motionärer och elitidrottare.
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Reference. Tommy Perssons own words and story.

I did get in touch with Elin Vesterskov through a client of mine. When I met Elin Vesterskov I was trying to work out regularly and stay in shape but I kept gaining weight and did not gain much strength or body tone. I tried the LCHC diets, eat what I thought was healthy but I did get low blood sugar dips and headaches.

When I met Elin she recommended me to come to her clinic and try a workout session. To my surprise I was totally winded and had a hard time doing even her basic exercises. When I hit the scale it showed that I was a lot heavier that I thought (being on the heavier side you avoid the scale if possible). Elin and I agreed that I sign up for her program and do the 12-week program. The coaching and personal program made the diet changes and workouts not only bearable but actually fun. Quite quickly I started to loose weight, the body started to get toned and I was getting stronger stamina and endurance. And I was having fun doing it (to think that exercising and healthy eating could be fun and enjoyable)!


After the 12-week program had ended I had lost 30 pounds! I had gotten in the best shape I’d been in for many years. I feel better than I’ve done in a long time and I can’t thank Elin enough for all the great effects her program gave me and keeps giving me. If I’d ever known how easy it was to loose weight like this I’d done it a whole lot faster.


Elin Vesterskov is in a class of her own and the best there is when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle changes. I can warmly recommend anyone who does want to get in shape and/or loose weight, there is no better program for weight loss than the Elin Vesterskov Programme!


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